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We aim to provide students with a wide variety of hidden programmes so as to enrich students' learning experiences, stretch their potentials, and prepare them to become academically and aesthetically competent. These programmes are included as part of the curriculum. They are delivered in the form of "Pre and Post Lesson Activities", "Cross-Curricular Activities", "Co-curricular Activities", "Talks & Road Shows", "Theme Based Activities", "Picnic", "Educational Visits & Excursions", "School Team Trainings", "Services" and "Performances".


Chinese Buddy

Athletic Training

English Buddy Reading

English Recovery

P.2 Maths Support Group

P.3 Maths Support Group

Flag Raising Training




Everyday after school, some of our pupils enjoy the post-lesson activities.

Visual Art

Homework Tuition


Mini Tennis


Musical Group

Boys Scouts`

Girl Guides
Basketball (Boys)
Basketball (Girls)
St. Paul's Reading Program`





School Choir

African Drum



Every Friday afternoon, pupils will participate in different groups of Co-curricular Activities, so that their potential can be stretched.



Fun with Ipad

Maths and Science Activity

Manners and Culture

Fun with Art and Craft

Fun with Maths

Fun with Computer

Fun with Chess

Library Activities

Music Activities

Educational Games

Little Chefs

English Adventure

Balloon Twisting


Fun with Rummikub

Origami Activity


Chinese Dance

Mini Tennis

Percussion Band
Folk Dance

Reading Parents

Visual Art Elite

Rope Skipping

School Reporters



P.1 Central Library

P.2 Science Museum

P.3 Happy Valley
Police Station

P.4 Central Library

P.5 Science Museum

P.6 Visit to
Secondary School