SEKPS Parent-Teacher Association 2017-2018


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Schedule of Parent-Teacher Association 2017-2018


Schedule of Activities:

Activities for Parents

27th October, 2017  

Annual General Meeting cum Lantern Making Competition Prize Presentation

27th January, 2018       PTA Day Tour

26th May, 2018            Activities for Serving Parents


Parent Education




12 sessions in the 1st Term

Cantonese Class

Non-Cantonese speaking parent

14th October

Learn with fun

(Family outing)

Parent concerned

27th October

Cooking Workshop

All parents

11/11, 2/12, 6/1 (Sat)

Learn with fun

Parallel Workshop

Parent concerned

November (To be confirmed)

Parent College

(Parents skill sharing)

All parents

16th Nov V From stress to support

Tea with Headmistress

All parents

18th Jan V To be confirm

Tea with Headmistress

All parents

17th Nov, 19th Jan & 25th May

UAP Parent Workshop

Parent concerned

14th April

Family educational outing

(Venue V TBC)

Wong, TBC

15/6, 22/6 and 29/6

Parent workshop

(How to handle stress)

All parents


Family Fun Day

All parents

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